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What's Going On

Hello from Boston,

First, I want to let you all know we miss you all terribly. Nancy is off on vacation and Claudia and Lauren are going through all the materials from the training especially your evaluations. You all gave us quite a bit to think about. Just wanted to say hi and let you all know what CHANGE is up to.

Now comes the part of the program where we update you all on the going ons of CLs across the globe.

- Gyude and Nina tabled for Oxfam at the VANS Warped Tour in New York and collected around 200 signatures for the Big Noise. Nina plans on collecting even more signatures at the next few Phish concerts here in New England.

- Masha translated the Big Noise petition into Serbo-Croatian and is currently collecting signatures in Yugoslavia.

- Peter is meeting with his Illinois State Senator Debbie Halverson on agriculture and CAFTA.

- Josh painted two huge Make Trade Fair symbols on the backdrop for the Dispatch concert here in Boston.

- Ravneet is researching cotton sourcing for her Cooperative Store in Ann Arbor is hoping to highlight the effects of cotton subsidies and Fair Trade.

- Sarah is planning on asking the Dalai Lama to sign the Big Noise and to encourage other students at FIU to sign it as well when he comes to speak at her school this fall.

- Martin collected 22 signatures for the Big Noise from friends and family already is looking to add even more.

If you have any other news please feel free to let us know what you are up to. As always, we welcome your phone calls and emails. Hope you have caught up on your sleep. We are looking forward to some amazing things. Don't forget Katie's challenge to get 20 signatures for the Big Noise by Friday.

Finally, if you want to order materials online for tabling feel free to request materials through our website.

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