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FT Guest Speaker

I am getting so excited about tomorrow. I have invited a guest speaker through Transfair USA. I organized this event to be at my University. The guest speaker is a Fair Trade Banana Producer from Ecuador.

Santa Clara University

Other than that? I'm flying to DC on Friday night to meet up on trade jsutice issues. I will also be stopping by the Washington Semester campus at American University and will be giving a short discussion on Fair Trade and what I have done since completing a research paper on Fair Trade (Fall 2003). I have gotten involved with great stuff like this.

Keeping it real. Other than FT stuff, doing a lot of student government as Associated Students Student Body VP. I just held student elections today. So tired. Also a bit of programing for the presidential debates and registering to vote. Woo hoo!

Yea I obviously need sleep. Night!
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